Wednesday, May 27, 2015

King's Landing

Maxi dress - ASOS
Wide circle belt - ASOS
Necklace - ZARA
 Natalia platforms - c/o Loly In The Sky
Tote bag - handmade by mom

It's officially less than a month to Nigel and I's month long Europe trip. I'm feeling jittery and excited, making endless lists in my head. I can hardly contain myself, because I have never travelled out of Asia (besides to the middle east that one time) in my entire life, neither have I spent a month away from home. But it feels great to run away, get a change of scenery and open my eyes to the real world where it's cruel yet filled  with forgiveness. Imagine meeting strangers whom I would begin friendships afresh, reside in a temporary apartment where I can myself and it's okay. No strings attached. Imagine seeing Victorian castles and historic European architecture all in front of I have dreamt all these years and they're finally turning into reality. Can I take the adrenaline when it comes? Will I be quick to document and secure those memories forever? Or should I stay still and live in the moment? Will my eyes capture all that happens in a day? This sense of rebellion and need for adventure; maybe that's what drives people forward in their twenties. I never want to lose this passion. Perhaps, the wild wild world out there is simply a better place than home for now.

Photography by Yun Jing.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Bernice & Leroy

When Leroy and Bernice asked me to produce a photo series of them together, of course I'd say yes. I have known the pair close to a decade, and which they have been dating for five..six years. See, I've lost count. I rarely get to go behind the lens for purposes beyond school and work, so like an amateur holding a sophisticated DSLR for the first time, I was brimming with ideas on how to photograph my friends. Creative freedom feels great. I dislike overly romanticised photographs. Romance is boring but enduring, it is genuine, not something you create out of bouquets and flower crowns. Not only they take too much effort, I think often the couple ends up so worried about the photos such that it's no longer fun. Besides, I should mention that this is not even close to an engagement shoot << disclaimer here. Pasarbella is a fun indoor place for unconventional pictures. Not many people have photographed there yet. Its out-of-town location feels like an adventure and the vibe was great too. Just be subtle about it because it's likely the manager will question you. There's a fine line between Instagram and commercial shoot so be calm should you get into trouble.

Pasarbella and Riders' Cafe are geographically close yet annoyingly inaccessible. A car will make this mini road trip a breeze. While I really preferred an outdoor environment, I hate to break the news to you that the cafe's famous botak tree is now claimed private property a.k.a. no access. No wonder everyone's found an alternative at Punggol. Oh what a big fat disappointment. More beautiful things are becoming exclusive everyday, God knows when you're no longer allowed to photograph a street lamp. Hence, we settled for the open road and it turned out not as bad as I'd imagined.

Featuring: Bernice Leong and Leroy Lim
Photography: me

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Jinguli x Yacht 21: Samsui Goes To Work

Wardrobe by YACHT 21

Art direction: Jaren Ho
Design: Jasmine Huang
Photography: Pang Yun Jing
Hair & makeup: Hong Ling Lim
Model: Uli Chan

History in making: Jing & I's first formal meeting with Yacht 21 #thisisbusiness #workingwomen

About two months ago, Singapore fashion label Yacht 21 contacted me to ask if I was interested to be the face of their capsule collection, which will be launched in Tangs in conjunction with Singapore's 50th birthday and Singapore Fashion Week. 

Sketches by designer Jasmine Huang

During our first formal meeting, I was immediately attracted to the idea of the Samsui woman. Samsui women, also known as “红头巾” were women labourers in construction jobs. They were mainly Chinese immigrants who came to Singapore between the 1920s to 1940s in search of a better future. Their signature red headwear served as a functional and safety garment, protecting them from the harsh sunlight and accidents at construction sites. There is no better time to pay tribute to the hands that built this country.

Inspired by the resilience and strength of Samsui women, Samsui Goes To Work is a capsule collection made in Yacht 21's signature colour palette and modern boxy tailoring. There are details that cannot go unnoticed, such as the sailor's knot and red thread. The design elements, subtle yet defining, makes the garments extra special in celebrating Singapore's heritage.

Working with new people is really an underrated challenge when it comes to photoshoots. Luckily for me, the entire shoot only felt like fun because Jing is an amazing photographer for me and I can always trust my face to Hong Lim; both talented individuals whom I have worked on multiple accounts. It makes a whole world of difference when you can trust your team 100 percent.

Our morning shoot attracted a fair amount of onlookers. Some had mistaken us as TV production crew. Shooting in a bustling city area like Bugis was quite an experience for me.

I forgot to mention how limited of a space we were working with. The construction site area was a small road stretching no more than 150 metres, with constant traffic and big trucks. Jing surprises me every time because she makes miracles happen. Seven outfits on the same road completed in one morning? Only possible with this girl. 

This was Jing and I's very first "big" project and a milestone I'll always remember. I would not have enjoyed making lookbooks till this day if I hadn't met Jing about two years ago at our previous workplace. The launch event at Tangs Orchard was fun, but beyond the hype, I know it in my heart that this is a project I will feel proud of in years to come.

Sweet Drug top, Yacht 21 Samsui Goes to Work culottes, Bass by Rachel Antonoff oxfords

Ending this post with my personal favourite piece from the collection – the perfect pair of denim culottes I have been searching for. I love it because it fits me exactly how I want it, neither too long nor short, just in length for that 60s schoolgirl silhouette.

Samsui Goes To Work by Yacht 21 is exclusively retailed at Tangs Orchard and Tangs Vivocity from May to July 2015.

#samsuigoestowork #yacht21 #sgfw #sg50
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